June 15, 2006

Mary no longer proud

Witness "The Brady Bunch Kids" performing on The World of Sid & Marty Krofft at the Hollywood Bowl, from 1973. I get the feeling that Marcia, Maureen McCormick, would probably rather be almost anywhere else. Surprisingly, Greg, Barry Williams, nearly gives Tommy Tune a run for his money, in terms of lankiness, as well as fabulousness. Es muy fabuloso. Those poor kids were worked like old whores, and dancing as fast as they could(!). This is why performers today, such as Britney Spears or Hennifer Lopez, don't actually sing their vocals and do all those fairly intricate, choreographed dance moves. I swear, little Cindy Brady, Susan Olsen, is deliriously gasping for air at one point.
Head for the hills!! It's the Brady Bunch Kids!!!!
Witness the fabulousness that is Greg Brady in all his glory and fabulousness. Fabulous!


Christopher Knight's reality show is truly awful. He and she are disgusting people for participating in it. Prostitutes, really.



Robert Reed
had a way to deal with the insanity:


zincink said...

LOL! oh my god that Brady video and comments are hilarious!!!!!

Chris said...

Thank you Sid and Marty Krofft!