June 9, 2006

The Break-Up

I don't know what version of The Break-Up you saw, or if you've seen it at all, but based on the one I saw yesterday, I felt the promo picture you see was missing a certain presence, more of an omni-presence, really, that the film had.


Phillip said...

Wow, that bad, huh? May I ask what kind of theater you saw it in? When was it built, multiplex, etc. Movies are sometimes shot with a more "squarish" (4:3) aspect ratio that is meant to be cropped out in the projector to more of a widescreen look. In some older movies on tv, they show the full frame, including the boom at the top of the screen that was supposed to be cropped out. Possibly, something like that happened here.

Maybe it's just a lousy movie.

Chris said...

Yeah, phillip, it occured to me that maybe it was the theater's screen, because the boom mike would appear at the top, and middle of the screen in nearly every scene. I'd be curious to know if other people noticed it.