July 16, 2009

Mattel's Football

I'm really enjoying a Gawker offshoot, Gizmodo '79, and I hope they keep it up beyond this "week-long celebration of gadgets and geekdom 30 years ago, as the analog age gave way to the digital, and most of our favorite toys were just being born." They just did a post about Mattel's Football, one of the "popular standalone handheld games of the late '70s." I spent sooo much time playing this game. It's amazing how mesmerizing those tiny red dots of light could be on that little screen. Those games are probably responsible for many people my age being able to pick up on current, similar technology with relative ease and irritation. But what a "trip" it is to think about these again!


Anonymous said...

Man! I had forgotten all about that game. Thanks Chris.

Chris said...

Sure, no problem! This is one of those things that seems like it happened so long ago, but at the same time, it's as if it was just yesterday.