July 24, 2009

Ball Record Shop

ball record shop sign
ball record shop
I don't know if this record store in Crockett, Texas, survived the onslaught of the compact disc or not, but it has clearly been closed for a while. The Texas Historical Commission Atlas entry for it is from the '80s, and the building was constructed in 1900.


Nacalina said...

Very eyecatching old sign bearing my last name - I'm surprised I never noticed it there before - it must be tucked away on a sidestreet. Along those lines, I've caught myself wondering if Jack's Records and Tapes in Lufkin will ever re-brand themselves to reflect the digital media age. Although "Jack's cd's and iPods" doesn't have quite the same ring, does it? Despite their quaint, slightly antiquated name, Jack's still seems to do a booming business...so what's in a name? :)

Chris said...

You wouldn't see this if you were coming in on 21 from Nac. It's right outside the downtown square, on East Goliad Avenue (Hwy. 7).

I can't believe that place (Jack's Records) is still open. Unbelievable (but awesome).