July 7, 2009

Jermaine steps up

As of this posting, Jermaine Jackson is said to be performing at the very end of the Staple Center memorial to Michael. He is reported to be singing "Smile," so it should be for many people an extremely emotional ending to top what will no doubt be a profoundly moving event. Here are just a few songs Jermaine would probably rather be associated with (for obvious reasons), or perhaps not. None of these has aged particularly well, and it's clear in a couple he was "borrowing" heavily from little brother. Nevertheless, in the spirit of the whole, sad circus the memorial will be, I pay homage. One thing is for certain -- I, as a suburban white kid in the 1980s, would have never seen any of these videos on MTV had it not been for Michael, so thank you(?):

"Let's Get Serious" (1979, with Little Stevie Wonder)

"Let Me Tickle Your Fancy" (1982, with DEVO??)

"Tell Me I'm Not Dreaming" (1984)

"Sweetest Sweetest" (1984)

"Dynamite" (1984)

"Do What You Do" (1984)

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