July 4, 2009

Gas station outside Seguin

gas station outside seguin
I saw this abandoned, old gas station along U.S. Route 90 outside Seguin on the way to Kerrville, and I pulled over and snapped it on the way back home. It really reminds me of something one might find on old Route 66. I have many more like this in my "Gasoline" set at flickr.


Amy said...

I enjoyed your flickr set. Although they're all cool, the stations with the Googie style flying canopies are my favorite.

What's the new artwork (mural?) on the blog's top? It's great!

Chris said...

Thank you, I'm glad you did! I'm fairly proud of that collection and the time and energy that went into creating it. I have a hard time picking my favorites, but the Sinclairs really appeal to me for some reason.

That's a crop of a picture I took of a mural in Cameron, Texas.