March 10, 2009

Fantastic live Sinatra performance

April 21st, in Tokyo

After being "snubbed" by President Kennedy (Chicky Baby) early in 1962, Frank Sinatra decided he needed to improve his image, so he embarked upon what was called the "World Tour in Aid of Children's Charities." It was thirty dates in two months, starting on April 15 in Mexico City and ending June 17 in Monte Carlo. The June 5 performance in Paris was released in 1994 on the excellent Sinatra & Sextet: Live in Paris album.

Guitarist Al Viola stated in the liner notes of the album that, since the band was gathered on such short notice, they never rehearsed with Sinatra for the tour. Much of the band had already performed with him on previous albums with the same arrangements, so he never felt rehearsals were necessary. (Wikipedia)

One of the songs from the band's repertoire which was not included on the Sinatra & Sextet: Live in Paris disc is "The Moon Was Yellow." According to Sinatra! The Song Is You, this version is scaled down from an arrangement Sinatra and Nelson Riddle used in 1958, it being based upon Billy May's arrangement of "April in Paris" (from 1957's Come Fly with Me!). This is the performance of it the singer (& sextet) did at Royal Festival Hall on June 1st, 1962:

Around 2:14 - wow! A lesson learned from Tommy Dorsey

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