March 16, 2009

Gulf Coast Deco IV: a new hope

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    These Gulf Coast Deco posts are inspired by the website Houston Deco. Some may ask: "What is Art Deco?" A few of these building are in Baytown, which is generally considered to be a part of Houston.

    bay theater
    Let's begin with the Bay Theater, c. 1942

    front view of bay theater
    side view of bay theater

    brunson theater ticket booth
    The ticket booth for the Brunson Theater, c. 1949, which is late for a structure to be considered vintage Art Deco, but Houston Deco lists it as an example of Deco from the 1940s.

    the brunson theater
    This is one I've definitely dreamed of getting.

    view of brunson neon sign
    brunson theater

    the river oaks theater
    The River Oaks Theater, c. 1939, which is or has been endangered. I used to work right across the street from this theater, and I feared I wouldn't get to this area to get a picture of it before it was too late.

    river oaks theater entrance
    river oaks theater marquee
    la mode lingerie
    Rounded corner to a section of the River Oaks Community Center expansion, which was completed in 1948.

    wehring's grocery and market (piggly wiggly)
    Wehring's Grocery and Market (was once also a Piggly Wiggly), c. 1938

    entrance and facade of wehring's grocery and market
    standing back from wehring's grocery and market

    And finally,
    clarke & courts printing & lithography co.
    front view of clarke & courts entrance and spire
    clarke & courts
    Clarke & Courts Printing & Lithography Co., c. 1936

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    Amy said...

    The La Mode Lingerie building really stands out for me. I adore streamline style. Really graceful. If it was completed in 1948, it's outside the streamline moderne era, but it sure looks streamline to me.

    The Clarke printing building looks like it's straight off the set of 42nd Street!

    Nice set of photos!

    Chris said...

    That whole River Oaks Community Center is pretty cool. I grew up driving by it and going to the various stores, and even then it seemed special. I agree - that is very Streamline.

    Yes, I love the Clarke & Court building. I tried to get it last time I was there, but gave it up to avoid a traffic jam.