March 2, 2009

Torgo for president!

One of the more creative and inventive pop culture bloggers out there, Gilligan, provided many of us this past weekend with even more ways to kill time, thanks to Obamicon.Me. The one he has done with the classic The Exorcist subliminal/guaranteed nightmare inducer, Pazuzu, had me in stitches. Mine you see above.


Gilligan said...

Awesome! Thanks for the salute.

Torgo for Prez campaign slogan:
"I am Torgo. I take care of the place while the Master is away."

Chris said...

No prob!

That would work, or "The Master wouldn't like that" might also be effective.

Alex said...

The White House could probably fit a lot more sleepy white-robed wives than that fire pit. Yeesh.