February 29, 2008

Lincoln Theater Center

ghost of lincoln theater sign
The Lincoln Theater Center in Lufkin, Texas, was an Art Deco style building built in the late '40s as a single-screen theater. It was made for African-Americans to be able to attend a theater and watch movies starring African-Americans. The seating was designed for 350 to 400 people, and the complex included a barber shop and a newspaper stand.

lincoln theater center
A preservation project began this past Monday night with the showing of black and white movies (the movies were shown at the Museum of East Texas) starring all African-American casts. Stormy Weather (1943) was one of the films shown.
lincoln theater

Lena Horne performing the title song to Stormy Weather


Dr. Ding said...

I had no idea! I'm going to try to find this next time I'm up there. Thanks for this muy muy cool post.

Chris said...

Check it out. It's at least worth a drive by. The location is 811 Keltys Street. De nada!