February 16, 2008

The Carpenters

I was prompted by the news that The Carpenters' former home is at risk of being demolished to do this post. I have memories of seeing them on TV during the seventies and hearing their music all over radio as well. My childhood piano teacher reminded me of Karen Carpenter.

"Owner wants to destroy Carpenters' house"

Ed Sullivan, 1970

The house is on the cover of the Now & Then (1973) album.


Anonymous said...

Ahhh, yes. Karen Carpenter. As a 12 year old, my taste in women tended to move in that direction. Cute, seemingly as innocent as I was at that time and with a voice that swooned me beyond belief. My "cool" friends had already moved on to Steppenwolf and Iron Butterfly but my secret pleasure was to listen the Carpenters, Bread and of course, the Beatles. Now, at 48, and a beloved eccentric among my friends, I invite them to my place for Bombay Sapphire martinis with blue cheese stuffed olives and mix cds that include healthy doses of the music we all poopoo'ed in the early 70's - Carpenters, Bacharach, Sinatra, Diamond etc. And the awesome reality is they all love it.
Keep up the good work Chris.

Chris said...

Thanks for the encouraging words, Ed! I appreciate it very much. I definitely had what I guess you'd call a crush on Karen Carpenter when I was a wee lad. Again, they were on TV all the time (so it seemed), AND my piano teacher resembled her. They no doubt had the same hair style. I'm sure I saw he on album covers, no doubt prominently displayed in the K-Marts, Woolco's, etc. of my youth.

So much of what was considered commercial in the '70s was "easy listening." I think in hindsite, that which was really popular (as you say - Carpenters, Bacharach, Sinatra, Diamond, etc.) has held up, and is still "good."

Boy, those martini soires sound awesome!