February 7, 2008

Las Vegas in The Vegas Strip War

The Vegas Strip War was a 1984 made-for-TV movie, starring Rock Hudson. James Earl Jones is unintentionally hilarious in the role of a Don King-type, complete with wild hair (which is clearly a wig). Every time Jones' character enters the picture, rollicking New Orleans style jazz begins to play ('cause he's black). I kid you not. Perhaps another blogger can get into that aspect of it. My interest is purely in the setting.

The IMDb plot summary:

Rock Hudson (in his last made-for-TV-movie role) plays Neil Chaine, a charming Las Vegas hotel/casino owner who tries to turn his decaying building into The Strip's top attraction to avenge his outting by his former partners who run a more fancy hotel/casino just across the street.

In this video you will see the Vegas Strip and Fairmont Street as they were in 1984. You will also see a young Sharon Stone in an early role, and unfortunately, a clearly ailing Hudson (who would be gone within a year).

Fairmont Street appears to be completely unchanged since its inclusion in 1971's Diamonds Are Forever. I have dreams about doing what Hudson does on that long, gone street, with perhaps a less dour expression. If you can make it through those shots, there is some great footage of Fremont Street.


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris

You should check out the Michael Mann produced series CRIME STORY. Shot on location in LV around ´86-´87 its packed with awesome shots from in an around Vegas.

Chris said...

Thanks, dino!

I'd forgotten about that show. Thanks for the suggestion. Going to Netflix now......