February 29, 2008

The Love Guru trailer

I love Mike Myers. The soul of Peter Sellers must be somewhere within him. And he is still attached to the Keith Moon biopic, now titled See Me Feel Me: Keith Moon Naked for Your Pleasure. That should be interesting. It looks like he has managed to make another Austin Powers movie (I love those too) without actually making an Austin Powers movie.....Watch this trailer to see what I mean:

The Pitka character seems like a variation on the Goldmember theme. And it could be extemely silly, but what the world needs now is silliness, sweet silliness. Not exactly highbrow perhaps, but it looks like it could be fun, with several hilarious scenes. We'll see!


Dr. Ding said...

I have a similar fondness for complete silliness, esp. when it comes from Mike Meyers. And you're quite right, the world is in dire need of MUCH more outright silly fun, comedic boobery, and generalized tomfoolery.

Chris said...

Absolutely! I couldn't put it any better than you do.