July 11, 2007


Seguin, Texas (population: 22,011), is the Guadalupe County Seat, and is 50 miles S of Austin, 13 miles SE of New Braunfels, and 35 miles E of San Antonio.
This is what I like to see!

Palace Theater - built in 1955, a classic Art Deco Moderne style theater

I know where I want my next birthday party to be.

So much for originality.

clockwise from top: Bryan, Corsicana, and Marlin

The Aumont Hotel (c. 1916, named for the corner of Austin and Mountain Streets)

Guadalupe County Courthouse (c. 1935, Moderne Style)

statue of Juan Seguin

The plaque mentions Cabeza de Vaca, the first European to record the existence of pecans (state tree of Texas). He traveled the "River of Nuts" - the Guadalupe.
I thought perhaps at first this had been a recording studio, but it turned out to be a photography studio. Either way, I love the font and color on the neon sign.

The Texas Theatre - built in 1929, in a Spanish colonial motiff, with a distinctive vintage marquee neon tower which flashed "Texas" with a big star for Texas.

It appeared as if the last movie shown was a 1997 TV movie titled True Women. It was based on the novel by Janice Woods Windle, who is from Seguin.

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