July 7, 2007


Junction, Texas (population: 2,618), is sometimes called "The Front Porch of the West." It is the Kimble County Seat and is 139 miles West of Austin 114 miles NW of San Antonio. Junction gets its name from the merging of the North and South Llano Rivers.

Texan Theater (closed)

So much for originality.

(clockwise from left: Athens, Cleveland, Greenville, and Kilgore. And those are just the ones I've photographed. There are others.)

Junction City Hall (looks like Art Deco to me)

Kimble County Courthouse (c. 1929, Moderne style)

Junction existed before I-10, which was formed in 1957. A sign of this is its '50s style motels, such as:
Sun Valley Motel

Signs such as this one for Isaack's Restaurant typically elicit miscellaneous curses, such as "Holy sh*t!", and cause the slamming of car brakes. I just can't believe ones like this are still around. It has to be vintage. I felt like I was in an episode of "I Love Lucy."

Upon leaving Junction, at 80 mph I might add, to its south is a Lover's Leap, providing a nice view of Junction and the surrounding Hill Country.

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