July 5, 2007

"With a Little Luck"

Wikipedia entry:

"With a Little Luck" is Wings' top five single from their 1978 album London Town. The song was written by Paul McCartney in Scotland and recorded on board the boat "Fair Carol" in the Virgin Islands prior to the departure of lead guitarist Jimmy McCulloch and drummer Joe English from Wings. It hit number one in the United States in the spring of 1978.

"With a Little Luck" was also released on Wings Greatest (1978) and the 2-disc compilation, Wingspan (2001). There were two versions of the song: the original 5:45 version on London Town, and a DJ Edit, which only runs 3:13. It should be noted that the backing vocals sound strangely like John Lennon and George Harrison, perhaps showing McCartney's longing for collaboration with his old band mates
(doubtful, but an interesting theory!).

I guess it could be considered one of McCartney's wimpy, soft-rock tunes (a silly love song), but I love it, and I think he sounds great. Also, his bass playing (as usual) is excellent. When Playboy magazine used to do their yearly musician awards (they may still do it), McCartney was almost always chosen as the best bassist. It's entirely possible I was aware of Wings before The Beatles (because of songs such as "With a Little Luck").

I think this video footage is from a BBC television special called "Saturday Shake Up" (the "Flying with Wings" episode). It's the era of huge shirt collars and winged hair:

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