July 27, 2007

Professor Ravenwood's daughter

G4, at this year's Comic-Con, has the latest scoop (perhaps you've already seen it) on the Fourth Installment of the Indiana Jones Adventures:

So they are 25 days into shooting the new Indiana Jones and Spielberg assures fans that he is making this new film for them.

Ford looks great in costume (and maybe a little drunk?) and they finally reveal Karen Allen in costume as Marion Ravenwood!

Spielberg seems really psyched about it, and Harrison Ford looks like he's enjoying it too (and not at all "a little drunk").

I'd heard Lucas and Spielberg were planning to bring back one of Indy's love interests from the previous three films, and I'd hoped it was Marion Ravenwood. Kate Capshaw was perhaps easier on the eyes, and more obviously and superficially attractive in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, but her character, 'Willie' Scott, was a bit too ditzy and cartoony - I guess the whole film was. And I couldn't even tell you who the love interest was in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Karen Allen doesn't appear to have aged, at all. As of this posting (around 8 pm on July 27), IMDb still did not have it listed with her film credits.

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