March 29, 2007

Mount Pleasant

Mount Pleasant, Texas (population 13,935), is the Titus County Seat, and 115 miles E of Dallas, 61 miles SW of Texarkana.

Titus County Courthouse (redone in the 1940s with the Moderne/Art Deco facade seen today): "Inside a modern monster, a 19th Century beauty is crying to come out" ( - some consider this to be the "Ugliest Courthouse in Texas."

1900 F.W. Fitzpatrick buidling

Confederate soldiers memorial

dr. pepper sign in mt. pleasant
Although clearly touched up, based on the fact there's a period after "Dr" and the horizontal and vertical lines, this is from the 1940s.

Dr Pepper's approach hasn't changed too much.

Former Borden's milk factory? But why would there be a smokestack?

Dates back to at least 1951

The former Martin Theater, built in 1913, which at one time was only theater between Texarkana and Dallas.

Former Mount Pleasant High School building (c. 1927)

Genuine Genuine "Bull" Durham Smoking Tobacco ghost

Corner of 2nd and Jefferson

Nothing particularly fancy or significant, but I thought the color combo was purty. Although, they have been in Mount Pleasant since 1941, and the sign has been there, at their new location, since 1964.

As I was leaving, I noticed their "Welcome to the Heart of Mount Pleasant" marquee/sign make mention of Wal-Mart for some reason, so I took this from my car at a stop light. I felt it was a bit ironic - you know, Wal-Mart supposedly has destroyed small town downtown areas such as Mount Pleasant's and all...