March 22, 2007


Grindhouse looks sort of cool, no? These movie posters have piqued my interest:

There are lots of other production pics here. It premieres next Wednesday (March 28) here, in Texas.


Leslie said...

I saw the previews for it last night and it looks like it will definitely be able to live up to the hype!

I've been waiting for this movie to come out since they were shooting it last year in Austin - you could hang out downtown and see the "Death Proof" car, Tarantino was hanging out in the bars - very cool indeed!

I love Tarantino and Rodriguez so these movies should prove to be well worth the wait!!!

Chris said...

I hope you are right. In my opinion, Kill Bill didn't live up to all of its hype, so you never know. It's cool that Kurt Russell is in a Tarantino flick. Austin is a cool place to make a movie. It must have been wild to have all of that going on!