March 19, 2007

Guitar rock is back!

Do you remember those annoying TimeLife music compilation commercials that used to be played incessantly? This is one from 1992 for a collection titled "Sounds of the 70's," and this particular ad was for the one called Guitar Power. You don't see these much anymore. Before there were things like iTunes, people would buy an entire album because they liked one or two of the songs. Or, you would have to buy things like TimeLife collections, and forever be on their mailing list (like the Columbia House Record Club), to own a copy of a favorite song. So, thank God for iTunes and the like!

Can any of the people in the commercial actually play their instrument? I would guess they were hired because they had hair like the guys in Poison, Skid Row, etc., etc. We know the drummer can't, because he is sitting there with just a cymbal and a snare drum, yet he appears to be really rocking out.

At least they gave the guy a pair of sticks.

Apparently someone bought the entire "Sounds of the 70s," because now they're selling the whole set at eBay (it sold for $66).

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