March 12, 2007

The Fain

The Fain Theater in Livingston, Texas:


Becca said...

The Fain? I'm so curious to know how it got it's name? Was it someone's name or is there another story. Interesting.

Great pictures as usual, I really love these posts!

Chris said...

I'd guess the name is for someone or a group of people who were/are important to Livingston. I couldn't find anything about "Fain." Good question, though.

I'm glad you like them, becca!

Lori said...

Here is what I found on Wiki:

Notable people from Livingston include:

Senator Clem Fain, Jr: Texas State Senator, Honorary Chief of and Texas Agent for the Alabama-Coushatta Indians

Chris said...

Thanks, lori. What did the world do without Wikipedia??