February 16, 2006

Goo goo ga joob

"I Am the Walrus" is probably the best thing, musically and cinematically, to come from the Magical Mystery Tour project. I've always felt you can actually see John Lennon losing his mind during this performance. Yoko Ono would soon enter the picture to make it all better (for John). This is creepy weird (which is the tone of the entire film), at parts, but that's why it's classic Beatles.

I wonder if they had to do any reshoots of that long fade out.

the Walrus?


Fuzzball said...

My parents very wisely saved all of their Beatles albums in the hopes that their child(ren) would love The Beatles as much as they do. The very first album that I ever saw was Magical Mystery Tour and I remember flipping through the pages of the insert and being completely freaked out. Those must have been some goooood drugs that they were on. Wow.

P.S. I like that John hasn't gone all gaunt and creepy-looking yet. I guess Yoko brought that stage on.

Chris said...

My parents weren't quite as hip. Although, they did have Abbey Road, which is a testament more to the popularity of that album than my parents taste. I have most of the albums, including the Magical Mystery Tour with the insert. It is very strange. Those boys were indeed out of their minds on sumpin' sumpin'. I think that explains the original idea behind Mystery Tour to begin with.

Yoko's arrival did seem to coincide with John getting into some seriously harmful substances! He looks pretty bad in Let It Be (the film).