February 3, 2006

Kong rebound

This looks so funny, I don't mind borrowing it from Ain't It Cool News. It's their "Top Story", so I've sure you've already seen it there, or at DoubleViking/GorillaMask.net. I'm not sure, because I just "got on", and I generally start at Ain't It Cool News. But I don't care, because it's damn hilarious, and you can see it again. It might just be a case of a really good trailer with all the funniest bits thrown in (sort of like Shallow Hal). But it could be really hysterically funny. Here is the Jack Black I love. The Saving Silverman and The School of Rock Jack Black.

Welcome back, Jack.

Trailer (Scroll down a bit at Ain't It Cool News; this looks really funny; I wonder how L.U.L.A.C. might react, though!)

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