February 20, 2006

"The Empire Strikes Brick"

While I played LEGO® Star Wars™™ The Video Game, which is incredibly fun, I kept thinking how much more fun it would be to play through the original trilogy. Well, that will soon be possible. TheForce.Net posted an article way back on February 10 about LucasArts's plans to release LEGO® Star Wars II™: The Original Trilogy during Fall 2007.

For me, these films are very much about the music, and I loved how the actual scores (and sound effects) were used throughout LEGO® Star Wars™™ The Video Game. The first time I activated Qui Gon's light sabre filled me with an embarassing amount of glee for a person my age. The controls were smooth and fluid. And the graphics were just the right mix of cartoony (it is after all a LEGO "template") and faithfulness to the films. If lightning strikes twice, it should be a blast.

Now, if SONY can only remedy the whole blue disc issue...

Pictures from Rebelscum.com

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