February 7, 2006

"Day Tripper"

The Beatles released "Day Tripper" in December of 1965. As you can see by the picture, "We Can Work It Out" was the B-side(!). The concept and riff were Lennon's, while Paul helped with the verses, making it a true Lennon-McCartney song (one of the few).

In this video, another promotional film, Lennon and McCartney look as if they're connected at the hip. John and Paul did, after all, audition for a gig in Reading, England, as "The Nurk Twins" while still attending school in Liverpool. You can really see how well King Features Syndicate captured the essence of each Beatle for the cartoon, based on how they look in this "film".

The Nurk Twins


Fuzzball said...

I lovelovelove the Nurk Twin pic.

I have a darling brilliant friend Liz who is comPLETEly tone deaf. This is a woman who graduated with a 4.0 from Stanford and then went to Columbia Law School, but she still sounds like a dying cat when she tries to sing. But I digress. One summer she and I were taking a walk and she kept wailing this song over and over again. I could NOT figure out what the hell she was trying to sing, but I did understand the words: "Taaaake a back riiiiiight turn"

"Take a back right turn"? WTF? When I asked her what song she was butchering, er, singing, she said "duh, a Beatles song". Again, WTF?? So she took me back to the house, found the album and put it on.

Paperback Writer. That's what she was singing. She was determined that the words were actually "Take a back right turn" and the sad thing is that she actually had this whole philosophical argument as to why the words were meaningful. *sigh*

Then again, this is the girl who sings "Sharif don't like it, rock in the asphalt, rock in the asphalt!"

Take a minute with that one. ;)

Chris said...

Oh, sure, let's have a laugh at the expense of the sweet, harmless little deaf girl. Is that what it's come to?? For shame!


I had a friend who thought that one was "Sherry don't like it". It is funny how what we think we hear in a song is often far more interesting than what is actually there. Even in a Beatles tune.

Fuzzball said...

Not deaf! TONE deaf! I'm not a meanie, I swear! ;)