June 10, 2010

Neon Austin

hut's hamburgers
Hut's Hamburgers, open since 1939

hut's hamburgers neon sign
violet crown shopping center neon sign
texan motel neon sign
ebenezer baptist church neon sign
top notch sign
(the hamburger)

top notch
The Top Notch is vintage enough that scenes from Dazed and Confused (set in 1976) were shot here:

scottish rite temple neon sign
favorite liquor & wine neon sign
curra's grill
Curra's Grill

matt's el rancho neon sign
Matt's El Rancho, open since 1952

hill's cafe neon sign
Hill's Cafe

the classic inn
classic inn neon sign
st-elmo-tel sign
The motel buildings were demolished in 2006. Word is the sign itself has been purchased by a sign collector.

arby's neon sign in austin


Amy said...

Great movie, great scene! That sign is waaay cool.

The Arby's sign takes me back. Love that neon. I grew up with an Arby's with that huge hat nearby. And the roast beef was delicious.

Chris said...

Amy - Isn't that neat? Totally evocative of its era. Yes, you don't see many of the neon signs. I don't anyway. There was also one in Waco.