June 22, 2010

Houston City Hall

In downtown Houston, the 1939, Art Deco City Hall buidling, designed by architect Joseph Finger:

houston city hall

Ceiling murals by artist Daniel MacMorris:
city hall ceiling mural
city hall ceiling mural
I thought this one looked familiar:

Houston Deco: Modernistic Architecture of the Texas Coast

The lawgivers grille, including Hammurabi and Thomas Jefferson:
lawgivers grille on city hall
city hall entrance frieze
city hall

More pics of City Hall


Claudia said...

Beautiful murals, yet another place we need to see!

David Thompson said...

Great pics ... I agree with Claudia ... yet another place to see.

Chris said...

Thank you both. Let's go, Claudia!

Amy said...

It immediately reminded me of a mini LA City Hall - I think I hear Dragnet music!

Especially love the metal grille and the "city hall" font.

Chris said...

Exactly, Amy. I also thought "Dragnet" when I first saw it. Totally evocative of that.