August 6, 2007


Groesbeck, Texas (population: 4,291), is the Limestone County Seat and is 38 miles E of Waco, 29 miles W of Buffalo, and 12 miles S of Mexia. Groesbeck became the county seat after Springfield (former county seat), fourteen miles to the north, was bypassed in favor of Groesbeck by the Houston and Texas Central railroad.

The Rand Building, which at one time had been the newspaper office and the Groesbeck Opera House.

The Limestone County Courthouse, c. 1924, Classical Revival style

Dedicated to the memory
of the
heroes of Limestone County
who gave their lives
in defense of their county
in the world war.

Alas, Groesbeck had no old, single-screen theater, but it did have this furniture store, with a pretty fancy old sign. This could have been a theater at one point. I can't find anything about it on the intraweb network's system of tubes.


Anonymous said...

The Limestone Theater was located in the building now occupied by Longbotham Furniture. It was operated by Sid and Bernice Smith. It closed its doors in the early 1970's.

Chris said...

Thanks for the info! I thought it looked a lot like an old movie theater.