August 4, 2007


Description from video uploader thundernest:

Brothers Santo & Johnny Farina were born in Brooklyn, New York of Italian origin.

In 1958 Mike Dee & The Mello Tones (Santo Farina, steel guitar; Johnny Farina, guitar and their uncle Mike Dee, drums) recorded a self-penned instrumental which they called "Deep Sleep." Loosely inspired by the song "Softly, As In The Morning Sunrise" (Sigmund Romberg 1929), it had the same chord progression but a much simpler melody line.

"Deep Sleep" became "Sleep Walk" and in August 1959 it topped the American charts. "Sleep Walk" continues to be one of the most popular and easily recognised instrumentals of all time.

Santo & Johnny Wikipedia entry


Captain Incredible said...


Never heard of Santo & Johnny, but I have tagged you for the Thinking Blogger Award...

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Chris said...

Santo & Johnny are the very definition of "one hit wonders," so I'm not surprised! Thanks for the Thinking Blogger Award tag. That's really nice of you! I appreciate it.