August 20, 2007

Linden - Music City Texas

Linden, Texas (population: 2,256), is the Cass County Seat and 15 miles SW of Atlanta, 34 miles N of Marshall, and 40 miles SW of Texarkana.

According to this site:

Linden is blessed with a rich cultural and music heritage. Musicians that call Linden home include: Scott Joplin – founder of Ragtime Jazz; Aaron “T-Bone” Walker – Daddy of the Blues, Don Henley – Rock & Roll great, co-founder of the Eagles, and nationally honored preservationist, and Richard Bowden – America’s most famous unknown entertainer. Linden’s Music City Texas Theater draws audiences from the Atlantic shores to the Pacific. Musicians from all genres can be seen walking the streets of this small town.

Cass County Courthouse (c. 1861, Classical Revival style) - Cass County has only had one courthouse - the original one built prior to the Civil War. It was remodeled in 1900 and 1933.

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