February 2, 2007


B.W. Rowland-Liebreich Building, original structure was built in 1888

Tyler, Texas, is the county seat of Smith County in East Texas. It is named for President John Tyler in recognition of his support for Texas' admission to the United States. Tyler is referred to as the Rose Capital of America because of its large role in the rose-growing industry; about 20% of commercial rose bushes produced in the U.S. are grown in Tyler and Smith County and more than half of the rose bushes are packaged and shipped from the area. In 1985, the international Adopt-a-Highway movement originated in Tyler.

Tyler Theater

a peak at Old Town

Swann-Moore-Dennard Building, c. 1913 (Chicago style)

The Booterie, around since at least the '60s

Arcadia Theatre (how it once looked)

Liberty Theatre

Smith County jail, c. 1880-1881 (listed in the National Register of Historic Places)

Crescent Laundry, c. 1935; (Exotic Revival style) (listed in the National Register of Historic Places)
Story-Wright ghost

Blackstone Building, c. 1938 (Art Deco style) (listed in the National Register of Historic Places)

Odd Fellows lodge, founded in 1851

And finally, a sign of the times. The Apache Drive-In manages to stay open because it switched over to XXX. Typical.


Lisa said...

I don't know how you manage it, but I love the effect of these small town pictures where it looks like there are absolutely no people around, like you're the last person on Earth. Like you're the Omega Man, driving around Texas in a really reliable car.

Chris said...

Omega Man - parts of that film are great! I did feel like I was in that movie when I "did" Port Arthur. It was really cold and windy the day I was in Tyler. It was also on a Sunday morning, so that may partially explain the absence of peeps.