February 24, 2007

Lady in Cement revisited

Someone uploaded this scene from Lady in Cement (1968) over at YouTube. It features Sinatra in the second of two detective vehicles he starred in during the late sixties (the first being Tony Rome). Because I did a four part (what was I thinking??) post about it (part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4), I thought I'd do a quick repost of sorts. This is the scene in which Rome (Sinatra) meets Raquel Welch's character (Kit Forrest). Welch's first appearance in the film, and her character says:

"Well, should I scream rape now or phone in a complaint?"

I guess that was supposed to be funny back in 1968, but it just seems strange today. It's as if the public would just take it for granted that Sinatra was a lecherous dog, or something, and no female was completely safe in his presence. To make matters worse, Sinatra and Welch had absolutely no chemistry, unlike Sinatra and Jill St. John. So the whole thing is just creepy.

On a related note, Hugo Montenegro is responsible for the film's soundtrack. I can't believe people used to make music like this, but I'm so glad they did!

  • title track: "Lady in Cement"

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