February 21, 2007

Music for cocktail parties, bachelor pads, and adventures in time

About a week ago, PCL LinkDump had a post about some excellent space age lounge music mixes done by Chris at Ultra Swank. They're all I've listened to for the last week (they were the soundtrack of my Wharton and Rosenberg journeys), and all three volumes are good, but the first one is my fave. It's really swingin'. The guys in the Rat Pack might say it's koo-koo. The second is called Space Age Lounge Volume 2 - Red Carpet Ride and the third is Space Age Lounge Volume 3 - Love at First Flight.

Liz Taylor, of course. The very essence of cocktail culture feminine beauty, no?

"Rio Magic" is representative of what you'll get on Volume 1.


Chris said...

Thanks for the heads up, glad you enjoy my compilations!

Chris said...

They're really good, Chris. Do more!