February 12, 2007

Police reunion

The Police on last night's Grammy Awards...

Thank God they were scheduled for the very beginning! I don't think I could have endured having to watch any of the actual program (and didn't). And I guess they had to do "Roxanne." For better or worse, they were The Police, again, last night! And as far as there being a reunion tour, it's official.

And on a semi-related note - if Michael Anthony isn't in the group, it doesn't matter if David Lee Roth is doing the vocals again - it still isn't what my generation thinks of as being "Van Halen." For one thing, you know all those high-pitched backing vocals on Van Halen songs? That is Michael Anthony. I'm thrilled Diamond Dave is, for whatever rea$on back in the group, but it still isn't the classic lineup.

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