July 6, 2005

Origin of name

Until I can come up with a more creative name for this blog, I borrowed the title of a song on Pete Townshend's 1982 solo effort, All the Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes.

Being off for the summer, I can completely relate to "sweet ennui" at this point.


merci said...

Are you from Nacogdoches? Do you live here? Why Nacogdoches??


Chris said...

Merci-I am from Galveston. I do live in Nacogdoches, and sort of fell in love with it and East Texas while attending SFA.

Chrissy said...

Hey there,
If you're really bored, you should check out the Nacogdoches Rollergirls. We're a new flat track, all female roller derby league, currently in the midst of our first season. Check out our website at www.nacogdochesrollergirls.com.

Chris said...

Hey, chrissy. I stumbled upon the Rollergirl's site a few months back. It looks like you guys have a blast! Looks like a great workout, too. I know Ruby Woodard - the pictures of her with the missing tooth are hilarious.

msmaf said...

Enjoy your blog. We live in nearby (not!) Carlisle between Trinity and Onalaska. If you think you don't have a lot of social stuff to do in Nac, try Carlisle!! Just in case you're interested, we do have a Buddhist group that meets in Nac at the Unity at 2400 South St. Every Wednesday at 7:30, Diamond Way Buddhist meditation. You can never be bored while meditating!