July 13, 2005

Christopher Reeve

If I could, I'd fly around Earth in the opposite direction of its natural orbit, fast enough and long enough to cause it to begin spinning in this opposite direction. Obviously, at this point, time would also reverse (naturally), and I would be travelling back in time. I would stop off on the morning of the horse riding accident and deflate his car's tires, slip his horse a segagive, yes, segagive (see Young Frankenstein
), cut the power to his house so his alarm clock doesn't go off, do anything to prevent his tragic destiny.

If you've not seen this movie recently (I know
A & E has shown it a couple of times this summer), you ought to rent it or watch it again, somehow. It's a classic. This is one of John Williams's best films as well. Many of the songs have the great aching, romantic sweep of things he wrote for The Empire Strikes Back and then Raiders of the Lost Ark

The new Superman flick (Superman Returns), due summer 2006, looks promising, and supposedly was made as an homage/"sequel" to Superman: The Movie. The guy playing Clark Kent/Superman even looks a little bit like a young Chris Reeve.


Keith said...

Great comments! And I second your thoughts about Mr. Reeve and that awful accident. I'm with you on that one.

I saw this flick in a theater with my family when it first came out, and my brothers and I just went Superman nuts that year! Christopher was always a pleasant part of my childhood backdrop, and I always paid attention to his career through the years just because of SUPERMAN. Good guy, great actor, and our family really misses him. In addition, my mother has been a huge SOMEWHERE IN TIME for many years.

Chris said...

I hate to admit it, but Somewhere in Time is a guilty pleasure. Romantic mush, perhaps, but the time travel aspect was interesting.

There are groups of people who meet, yearly, to watch that film at the very hotel where it was filmed.