April 6, 2011

Settlements in Palestine

morning view of anderson county courthouse
Distant morning view of Anderson County Courthouse

A couple of 1890s-era Queen Annes
I've not been able to identify either, yet.
old queen anne in palestine

green queen in palestine
green queen in palestine

703 South Magnolia Street, c. 1895, Queen Anne
703 south magnolia

Sacred Heart Church, c. 1890, Gothic; architect: Nicholas J. Clayton
sacred heart church
sacred heart churchsacred heart church

Palestine Carnegie Library, c. 1914, Prairie School
palestine carnegie library

Palestine Lodge No. 31, A. F. & A. M., c. 1878;
architect: Nicholas J. Clayton

palestine lodge no. 31, a. f. & a. m.

Texas Theatre, c. 1930
texas theatre
texas theatre

Link House, c. 1897, Queen Anne
link house
link house

The Link House, c. 1852, Classical Revival
the link house

Former Phillips 66 station
phillips 66 station
phillips 66 pump
A man drove by in his Mercedes just as I was standing there taking pictures and asked what I'd give him for it. I think he meant the gas station; I thought he meant the gas pump. I said, "$250," and he chuckled, waved, and drove on.

Howard House, c. 1848, Greek Revival
howard house

503 East Hodges, c. 1896, r. 1902, Queen Anne
By far my favorite on this trip.
503 east hodges
503 east hodges

1025 North Mallard, c. 1910, Prairie School
Interesting roof on this one.
1025 north mallard

Hodges-Darsey House, c. 1895, Queen Anne
hodges-darsey house

601 East Hodges, c. 1905, Classical Revival
601 east hodges

The next eight are on Silk Stocking Row:

416 South Sycamore, c. 1900, Queen Anne
416 south sycamore

805 South Sycamore, c. 1895, Queen Anne
805 south sycamore

Pennybacker-Campbell-Wommack House,
c. 1891, r. 1923, Queen Anne

pennybacker-campbell-wommack house

921 South Sycamore, c. 1890, Queen Anne
921 south sycamore

1014 South Sycamore, c. 1900, Craftsman
1014 south sycamore
Standing out like a sore thumb, nestled smack dab in the middle of the "Silk Stocking Row" neighborhood of turn-of-the-century Victorian homes, is this little place. Servant's quarters? Must have been some type of domestic servant's home, originally.

717 South Sycamore, c. 1879, Queen Anne
717 south sycamore

1219 South Sycamore
1219 south sycamore

William and Caroline Broyles House, c. 1894-1895, Victorian Eclectic
william and caroline broyles house
william and caroline broyles house
william and caroline broyles house


Retro Hound said...

The Green Queen in the second and third pics is fantastic.

Here in Pittsburg, KS we have a Carnegie libray that is Prairie Style also. Not very common for a library to be in that style.

Deborah said...

Beautiful pictures. I love driving around and looking at old buildings and houses

Chris said...

Isn't that great, John? It wasn't on my list of things to capture, but you can see why I had to stop and get it. I'd agree also on library styles most often being Classical or Greek Revival.

Yes, Deborah, me too! It's even better when you can photograph them. "Take a picture, it lasts longer" kind of thing...