May 21, 2009

DiCaprio's first stab at Sinatra

Because it's from The Sun, which I always thought was like a British National Enquirer, perhaps this should be taken with a pile of salt:

(In relation to the proposed Martin Scorsese directed Frank Sinatra biopic)

A source confirmed: “Leo has hired a top vocal coach to get him sounding like Sinatra. He is a massive fan of the singer and has always wanted to play him. He would be sick to miss out on the leading role because his singing wasn’t up to scratch.

“He is now in intensive vocal coaching lessons to replicate Sinatra’s distinctive style.”

If this opening credits sequence from This Boy's Life (1993) is any indication, those voice lessons (if the Sun story is true) should be scraped in favor of Auto-Tune:


Amy said...

Well, maybe it won't be DiCraprio. I'm sure you've seen this.

I don't even know what to say.

Chris said...

Clearly a joke!

Amy said...

Ah, but not so clearly to those who are dense. The Telegraph played it straight and played me too! The article was totally deadpan. And who would be so daringly politically incorrect to disagree? Heh! Joke's on me!