May 11, 2009

The sun goes down in Eagle Lake

This weekend, I visited Eagle Lake, the place where my parents met in high school.
eagle lake depot
eagle lake city hall
Eagle Lake City Hall, c. 1926

wintermann warehouse
old gas station in eagle lake
garage view of eagle lake service station
old gas station and eagle stop
the farris hotel
farris hotel at evening
across the tracks from the farris hotel
buildings along booth drive, evening
evening street view along south mccarty avenuetaco tony's sunset
taco tony's at sunset


Leslie said...

YAY! Another one of your photo essays on my hometown! We would walk to Meitzen's Phillips 66 (the 4th picture) and get Lance "Gold'n Cheese" crackers (they were octogan shaped) and a Coke and walk back to Nana Pearl's (Meitzen's) house in the summer. Ahhh, memories of my youth - thanks for bringing them back to me!

Chris said...

My dad talks frequently of the Meitzen of "Meitzen's Phillips 66," and how he was such a football stud in high school. Of course Johnny (Meitzen) owned the sporting goods place across the street from the Dairy Queen.