April 24, 2009

"The Unforgettable Fire"

I thought this sounded so epic, classic, and cinematic "back in the day." It still sounds classic. I didn't get to see them on the Achtung Baby or The Joshua Tree tours, but I did see them when they swung through Houston during the Unforgettable Fire tour. They were awesome - I did a review of it for my high school newspaper. And I think this was the coolest hairstyle Bono has had. What is that? A mullet? Anyway, a high school classmate recently told me she is reminded of me when she hears this now, which is extremely touching, so here...."Ice - you're only rivers run cold...":


Retro Hound said...

I love U2. Haven't listened to Unforgettable Fire in a few years now though, sounds like I need to put it in again. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I saw them for the Joshua Tree tour in Baton Rouge on a Thanksgiving day. Still follow the guys. It's nice to see the Edge with some hair...jemison

Chris said...

The Unforgettable Fire is U2 as they were poised to break out with The Joshua Tree. That album is really the culmination of the themes and righteousness (some would later say critically, self-righteousness) of The Unforgettable Fire. So, it's a great album, with a better one to follow! Jemison - that was the tour to see, for sure. And (ha), poor Edge.