April 30, 2009

Trek's appeal

While not obsessing over Diedrich Rulfs this past week, I have been rewatching (for possibly the tenth time, at least) the original (my beloved!) epidsodes of Star Trek in the order they were originally aired. Just finished "Mudd's Women" tonight, and I couldn't help but notice a very 20th century stain on the floor of the Enterprise bridge this time, but that's beside the point. The next next generation (or is it next next next generation?) of Star Trek, of course, premieres next Friday. Cracked did a funny post about it a while back called "Star Trek Prequel Spoilers: 8 Piping Hot, Barely Legal Pics." Here's just a taste:

"When we look at the two right beside each other, the relief is a little starker. Although the two have similar features, Shatner looks like a goddamned animal. Even understanding the difference between photographs and the real world, I look at that and am at least a little concerned Kirk will leap out of the screen and have sex with me. If he had made eye contact with the camera when this was taken we would all be pregnant by now."

That hilariously sums up my trepidation about this "re-imagining," but I'm still hopeful though!


Amy said...

Well, Cracked is right on; the man is fierce. Even I could tell that as a kid. Kirk's shirt must have been ripped or taken off at least once an episode due to his awesomeness.

The new movie actually looks good, but in my mind, it won't connect up - don't think I can do that re-imagining. I'm a purist, and there's only one Star Trek and that's the original series. Not the movies, not any of the later shows, etc.

Gilligan said...

That may be the most hilarious thing I've ever read... and dead on the money.

Original Kirk compared to New Kirk is like James Brown compared to Clay Aiken. One is a raging sex machine, the other is fey and belongs on the cover of Tiger Beat.

I had a similar feeling of dismay when badass Darth Vader was portrayed as a whining baby in the prequels.

Chris said...

Oh sure, it seems as if the makers of Star Trek found a legitimate excuse each episode to somehow remove Shatner's shirt. The one in "Amok Time" when his shirt is strategically ripped so to reveal primarily his nipples is the most amusing, in hindsite. I believe he had the requisite drip of blood from one corner of his mouth as well in that one.

That's an apt analaogy, Gilligan. That article is extremely funny. The thing that is most noticeable to me in that picture of Shatner/Pine is how dead Pine's eyes appear to be. Is that not indicative of his generation? Where's the passion?? You are James Tiberius Kirk!!

Leigh said...

Oh, good, let's obsess about Star Trek for a while. I can do that; indeed, I have done it for what, forty years now?

I'm going to withhold judgment on Pine until I see the movie. The previews show him with a lot of fire. But Kirk was never my favorite, anyway; I'm far more interested in how McCoy, Scotty, Sulu, and Uhura are portrayed. And Spock, of course. But I think Zachary Quinto has absolutely nailed that.

One thing I would be very pissed about is a sexual relationship involving Uhura and anybody from the bridge team, implied by the preview. God, how unprofessional and sleazy can they get? Mudd's Women was more enlightened!

Chris said...

Yes, Leigh, I must stoke the pop culture flames of this blog from time to time. I realize that might cause whiplash in the people who return from time to time. ;)

I too am strangely...angered isn't the word..."upset" at how, as you say, the preview implies there is a "steamy" sex scene with Uhura. Perhaps that is a different actress. And due to the quick editing of the preview, it almost looks as if Uhura and Kirk did a lot more together before that "historic TV first" black-white kiss on the episode "Plato's Stepchildren." Surely not, but I wouldn't put it past the makers of the film. One of the critical review blurbs on the latest ad is "A Star Trek for EVERYONE!!" and maybe that's what that reviewer meant.

Amy said...

I just saw this and thought it was pretty funny:


The James Brown-Clay Aiken analogy is harsh! While I love me some old Kirk, I'm for giving the new Kirk a chance, even with his dead eyes (I noticed the vacant look also).

Chris said...

Gotta love The Onion. I want my interstellar diplomacy debate scene!! I'm all for Pine - I realized later that picture wasn't even of him "in character." I'm sure he'll bring his A-game. I agree -- Gilligan was waaay out of line. It's more like James Brown being compared to Bobby Brown.

Leigh said...


Ah, so Uhura does have a relationship, though certainly not with Kirk.

And I am, well, okay with it. Maybe more than okay.

It's not in the least sleazy. Though I could have done without the obligatory underwear shot. For shame, J.J.

Let's face it, though. Joss Whedon is the only guy who "gets" women and consistently treats them respectfully in sci-fi film and TV.

Man, I'd love to see him do Trek.