February 7, 2009

"That Old Feeling"

The coolest cover every?

"That Old Feeling" was written by Sammy Fain, with lyrics by Lew Brown. The song was published in 1937. Frank Sinatra did a sublime version on his 1960 "not too happy, not too sad/not too fast, not too slow" album, Nice 'n' Easy. It has some great examples of the singer's incredible breath control (the "And when you caught my eye, My heart stood still" section - WOW! That's lung power) and clear pronunciation of the lyric. And of course, it's Sinatra, so he's singing to you, and only you:

On a side note, the song first appeared in the 1937 movie Vogues of 1938.

The Vogues of 1938


Leigh said...

Of all your delightful posts, I think I like the Sinatra ones best. I feel cooler and more sophisticated just listening to him.

And, at last, Life in a Northern Town may quit playing in my head.

I love the new SeeqPod gadget.

Retro Hound said...

What a fantastic song! After listening to some Sinatra and Martin, I now understand why so many people didn't like rock n roll when it first came out. The older music is so beautiful and lush.

Chris said...

It is sophisticated. This is one of the great contradictions/paradoxes of Sinatra, isn't it? He was a middle school dropout, from Joisey, yet he sang such "high brow" stuff.

Yes, Retro Hound, I think Sinatra referred to Elvis, et al, as "cretinous goons" at some point. You can see why!