February 14, 2009

Gulf Coast Deco III

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    Visit my Houston Deco set at flickr? And now, on to the show:

    First, the happiest place on Earth...not really, the Houston Casket Company (former), completed in 1935:
    houston casket company full front view
    houston casket company
    houston casket company facade
    houston casket company relief detail
    See it in its gory glory days.

    The (former) Almeda Court Apartments, completed in 1939:
    almeda court apartments
    side view of almeda court apartments
    side of almeda court apartments

    And finally, as far as Art Deco is concerned, this is the last, but not least (in this post). The address I had entered into my Garmin for this place had it located a few blocks prior to the Almeda Court Apartments, but it wasn't there. So I thought it had been torn down. Imagine my profound joy then when I found it just a block away (and you'll excuse the number of shots I took):

    Minimax Store No. 2, completed 1938across the street from minimax no. 2
    side and entrance of minimax no. 2
    minimax no. 2  entrance
    minimax no. 2 side of entrance
    entrance to minimax no. 2
    full side view of minimax no. 2

    Not necessarily Deco (the theater might be), but in Houston the day I was there:
    alamo plaza motor hotel
    I'd found one of these a week before in Dallas.

    alamo plaza motor hotel neon sign

    The Old Spanish Trail Theater
    old spanish trail theater
    front of o.s.t. theater
    old spanish trail sign

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    David Thompson said...

    Thanks for this great series of posts on Houston deco. It is noce to see it documented in one place

    Chris said...

    No problem - it was my pleasure!