September 10, 2008

"September Song"

Continuing the cheerful mood of yesterday's post, for some reason I'm presenting Sinatra's interpretation of "September Song," from his September of My Years (1965) album, although I'm no longer sure to whom I'm presenting it, or even why. Pathetic habit, I suppose. Arranger Gordon Jenkins' trademark lush strings are present, as with the other tracks on the album. In fact, I don't think there's a single brass instrument to be heard on any of the songs. But I could be wrong, I haven't listened the entire album in a while. The instrumental intro is devastatingly beautiful. So, enjoy(!), faceless, lurking strangers, I guess....


Michael Suzich said...

No faceless lurker here, oh Wise One from Nacogdoches! EBN is my usual read with a cup of joe in the early AM, though I occasionally drop by in the PM. Keep up the great work...or you'll have to answer to the Chairman of the Board, pally.

"September" has been the one Sinatra album I have grown to love more and more with time. It took a while to catch on, and watching Frank's "A Man and His Music" (part 1) really helped give some imagery to a number of tunes from the album. Now in my 40's, the collection of songs hits home. Favorite song: "Last Night When We Were Young". Favorite moment: Frank and Gordon Jenkins listening to the playback of the end of "It Was A Very Good Year" in the studio (from the CBS 48 Hours special).

Chris said...


Thank you for that! I'm honored.

Have you seen these posts I did, back in the "glory days" of this blog? I don't remember if you knew about them, or not.

Making of "It Was a Very Good Year"
Sinatra 101

Hangin' Out with Frank

They're culled from that 48 Hours special, which CBS replayed it the month Sinatra died (December '98).

J. Paul Sirten said...

No faceless lurker here, either!

I'm a frequent visitor of EBN, as well! The Sinatra-related posts are always a joy!

Thanks for the great blog!


Anonymous said...

Ahhh, Chris.
What is it about our fascination with the music of an egotistical, mobster wantabe with the voice of an angel. Enough said. As I've mentioned earlier, the Bombay Sapphire martinis with blue cheese stuffed olives and Sinatra in the background is paradise on earth.
On another subject, I pray for your hometown as Ike moves forward. My old hometown was flooded with Gustav and I can't say I'm not pleased with Ike heading for TX. Let's just hope the seawall - which has kicked my ass in the past - does its part to protect my old school fav vacation haunt.

Chris said...

Hey, Josh! Working on this year's Sinatra Christmas post now! ;)

"an egotistical, mobster wantabe with the voice of an angel" - that's Frank, Ed! I think you summed up the source of the fascination right there. That paradox is part of his appeal.

Yes, just as we begin to forget Gustav, here comes Ike. October (and the end of hurricane season) can't come soon enough.

Michael Suzich said...

Thanks for the links, Chris. These are indeed golden, classic posts. Highly enjoyable with a glass of JD on the rocks. :)