September 30, 2008

"Only the Young"

I was never a big fan of Journey back in their heyday (the 80's). For some reason I hated groups like Journey, Styx, REO Speedwagon, Kansas, etc. No doubt whatever music mags I was reading at the time brainwashed me into believing there was something wrong with those types of groups, usually labeled as being "corporate rock." As if there was something wrong with those groups earning a living. Today, obviously, pop music is clearly just about making money, and making it quickly before the audience grows tired of it. But, back to Journey...

The soundtrack to Vision Quest (1985) was released the February of my senior year in high school. Anyone my age who is reading this should be able to recall how frequently (relentless pounding) MTV played Madonna's Vision Quest videos ("Crazy for You" and "Gambler"). But the really great song from that soundtrack was Journey's "Only the Young." I clearly remember thinking it was an anthem for my generation, which it was/is. And with graduation three months away, we were indeed "free to fly away." Ah, good times.....sorry to wax nostalgic, but the world's gone nuts, and the past stays just as it was. In fact, it gets better with age!

The MTV video (actually the film's credits):

And in 2008 with Arnel Pineda, the Vietnamese Filipino singer Neil Schon discovered via a YouTube video:

Not Steve Perry, but an incredible facsimile!


Anonymous said...

He's not Vietnamese. He's Filipino.

gilligan said...

Great post. I love that Journey song - I agree, it is sort of an anthem.

I hate watching Behind the Music and the various reality shows which exploit the bitter ends many of these bands experienced. I prefer to remember guys like Steve Perry and Dennis DeYoung literally owning every arena they visited, rather than as miserable wankers on Behind the Music.

Chris said...

Thanks! It's nowhere near as thorough as what you do, but thank you.

I've learned that really any biography, be it a book, A&E Biography, or Behind the Music, they always end badly.

Blognor Regis said...

Journey, Styx, REO Speedwagon, Kansas I think REO Speedwagon may have just inched into the UK charts one, with Keep on Loving You perhaps, but otherwise they're pretty unheard of in the UK. My first and until now only exposure to Journey was at the climax of the Sopranos, and, boy, that was just perfect for that scene.

Chris said...

That had to have done wonders for Journey's career!! And I have to believe High Infidelity (REO Speedwagon) charted in the UK. It was a huge album in the US. I bet Styx's Paradise Theater at least charted. That was their Sgt. Pepper-styled concept album.