September 19, 2008

Morning in Minden

Minden, Louisiana, was one of the locations for the film The Longshots, which just came out, recently. So knowing this, and having been to Smithville, Texas, and Mansfield, Louisiana, I was a little wary about "vintage authenticity," so to speak. Despite this, I think most of what I've captured was genuine, and has been around at least since the 1940's.

minden coca-cola sign from the 1940's
c. 1943

sign in minden
I think this just has to be a leftover prop. But I don't really know.

western auto sign in minden

drake building
The Drake Building, where the A&P used to be. I like the burnt orange satellite dish that says "Electronics Unlimited." I wonder if that's a leftover prop.

crichton hardware sign
the cab stand
former bank of webster
Former Bank of Webster, c. 1910

bank of minden
Former Bank of Minden, c. 1901, Romanesque Style

webster parish courthouse
The contemporary Webster Parish Courthouse, c. 1953

the american legion in minden
c. 1950

Main Street
main drive through downton minden other side of minden main street
main street, minden

And back alley
view down minden alley


Michael Suzich said...

Glad to see you're back in the saddle, Chris. Great photos.

Chris said...

Thanks, michael!

tarynnation said...

I am actually from Minden and neither the burnt orange satellite dish or the Bryan's Jewler's sign are props- They have been there for as long as I can remember!

Hope you enjoyed your visit!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry- they are NOT props is what I was trying to say!

Chris said...

Thank you for that. I was hoping someday someone from Minden would clear that up. I don't even know what era The Longshots was set in, but you never know.