August 7, 2008

On the long and winding road

A sighting in Illinois on Wednesday

To commemorate the unconfirmed possibility that Paul McCartney and girlfriend are driving down Route 66 right now, here is one of his more "recent" (1984) silly love songs. He still had that voice in '84, the melodic sense, and Dave Gilmour on this one:


gilligan said...

Wow. That's better than an Elvis sighting!... and I'm glad to hear he may be on one of the last strips of road that hasn't been completely homogenized. Somehow, McCartney at a Ruby Tuesdays just doesn't jive.

Literally, my favorite artist is at my favorite location... could this be a sign of the apocalypse or something?

Chris said...

I think (if he's actually doing this) it shows that he has balls. It also shows he is fairly trusting of "the public." After all, John Lennon died because he went out in public without a body guard, unlike so many lesser known "celebrities" of today.