August 20, 2008

Orion slave girls

Not broadcast on television in its complete form until 1988, "The Cage" was the first pilot for the original Star Trek series. Susan Oliver starred as Vina, who through alien-induced illusions, appeared in different forms in an attempt to seduce the Enterprise's captain (Christopher Pike, portrayed by Jeffrey Hunter).

Jeffrey Hunter

One of the more...alluring of the guises is that of an Orion slave girl, who are "like animals. Vicious, seductive. They say no Human male can resist them." This site has some interesting general information on the episode and the evolution of the Orion slave girl scene (including rare, on set pics), specifically.

This scene, and one or two other scenes from Star Trek, awakened something in me when I was in the single-digit age category. Or was it during a Batman episode? Either way, here it is, featuring some of the most memorable Star Trek music, as well:

The concept of a seductive, green, alien female must have stuck with Gene Roddenberry and the other Star Trek writers, because a somewhat similar character appeared in a later episode. The character, Marta, may or may not have been an Orion slave girl, but she was green:

Years later, I would be unpleasantly reminded of Vina as Orion slave girl while watching Clash of the Titans.

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