June 9, 2008


From the Wikipedia entry:

"Xanadu" is the title song from the album Xanadu, the soundtrack to the 1980 film of the same name. The song is performed by the Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) with vocals by Olivia Newton-John.

A rare collaboration for ELO, it is the band's only UK #1 single for two weeks in July 1980. The song peaked at #8 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the US.

Has there ever been a package quite like that of Olivia Newton-John, with her perfect beauty and voice? I had somewhat of a crush on her beginning when I was around 7 or 8-years-old, during her debut as a country artist and later movie career. What's cool is she appears to be maintaining everything (voice and appearance) pretty well. But back in the day, oh my:

I'd like to put the first 24 seconds of that on continuous loop


Michael Suzich said...

Hello Chris,

Isn't it amazing that, in only a few bars of Xanadu (long before the harmonies kick in), the unique sound imprint of Jeff Lynne is so undeniably apparant! Ah, and the video...I think it's time that I get out my Roller Boogie VHS and have a roller-disco flashback. Thanks for the memories!

Crritic! said...

Last week I saw the old video for "Let's Get Physical" on TV and laughed at the sexing-up of Olivia.

Let me explain. She is Australian, as am I. When she started in the 60s, she was singing bubble gum pop music and by the 70s, she was a singer beloved of responsible parents everywhere, as in "Why can't you be like that nice Olivia Newton-John"? When she appeared in Grease as a try-hard biker slut, the transformation was bizarre.

These days she has reverted to type as an ambassador for various breast-cancer support groups and charities.

So those brief sexy days in the 80s when she was hot stand out as a strange anomoly in a life of professional niceness.

Despite all that, there is a hint of convincing sauciness under the whiter than white bread exterior. Maybe I'm wrong, and she really is a hell-cat? As sexy as Julie Andrews?

Chris said...

Michael - that's so true. I think Xanadu was reviled at the time of its release, and grouped in (perhaps deservingly) with other drek of the time (like Roller Boogie or Can't Stop the Music). It was one of those movies made during the downturn of the disco craze that was released just as the passionate hate for that genre was at its most intense. The downside (for ELO) was that the music was dismissed, ignored and forgotten.

I love(d) the "sexing-up" of Olivia, Sean. But I agree, the '80s video phase of her career was taking it a bit far, although I'm not complaining. As far as what she really is, I'd like to believe she is similar to Julie Andrews. I think that's a good comparison. Watch that video for "Magic" and tell me it's not! Funny how tame it all seems now. So very Sandra Dee....

Timinator2K7 said...

There was a very good reason we called her "Olivia Neutron Bomb." Dang! She was perfect. She had everything going for her, brains, beauty, talent...everything but me! ;)

Nice posts, the "Magic" video stopped me in my work tracks. She was and still is a STUNNER.

Chris said...

That's hilarious, tim! I love that - Olivia Neutron Bomb. She definitely was.

I'm so glad the post could distract you from work! That's why I'm here.