June 24, 2008

This is Marshall

It's great for a day tripper like myself, in this $4/gallon era, to be able to visit a town as close as (about 76 miles) and the size of (population around 24,000) Marshall, Texas, for the third time and still find new things to photograph.

sam houston school
Sam Houston School opened in 1905 to serve white students in Marshall's growing east side. It was closed by the school district in 1981.

looking up at harrison county courthouse
I've taken a few pictures of the Harrison County Courthouse before, but I think this is my best. Of all the courthouses I've seen, this may be my favorite. I love its color, which is similar to that of the Maverick County Courthouse in Eagle Pass.

paramount theatre
As with the courthouse, I've photographed the Paramount Theatre before.

paramount theatre marquee detail

...and sign has no neon tubing
....and sign has no neon tubing

I came across three of what I believe to have been gas/service stations at one time or another. Simply guessing, I'd say the first one was a Humble Oil, next one Texaco, third, a Mobil:

former gas station in marshall 3
former gas station in marshall 2
former gas station in marshall

panola-harrison electric cooperative, inc. neon sign
Don't know about the vintage of the neon, I just liked the font.

whataburger #48
I came back to Marshall to see this Whataburger -- the 48th built, back in 1968. The front section is from a 2006 remodel, but the a-frame is vintage.

ice station no. 2
Marshall Ice Co. Ice Station No. 2, c. 1925

marshall ice co. 1925

Heading out of town, an old motor court style motel:
marshall courts
marshall courts neon sign


texmarc said...

another super photo essay on East Texas as it once was before the "franchize-ation" of America.Keep it up I really enjoy your posts, as does my 80 year old dad!

Chris said...

Thanks dude, it's nice to get feedback anytime! I'll try to keep it clean.